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HVAC Contractor

Building Assessment

Comfort level of a building , as well as the level of electricity consumption in a plant relies heavily on the initial design at the planning stage.Changes in the use of space that is not appropriate initial design also greatly affect the comfort or level of electricity consumption.This condition become to a very important thing because, 60% of electrical power consumption is Air Conditioning and Ventilation uses.To get a comfortable and save in energy, standard design as ASHRAE and PUIL become to our high priority reference in doing our job. Follow to the advance of Information Technology we use the reliable softwaresIn our submission we always give the newest equipment so it could integrated to the Building Automation System.

HVAC Contractor


We have good and strong resources in Air Conditioning and Ventilation System for high rise building and industry. Our experiences , skills and abilities has been applied in a lot of high rise building and industrial projects in Indonesia. Chiller, Air Handling Unit/Fan Coil Unit, Pumps and Cooling Tower installation also Ductwork, Pipe work and electrical work for Air Conditioning and Ventilation system are parts of our specialization. We also have other skill which increase along with the duties entrusted to us in contracting and engineering. We work in a planned and systematic rules to obtain efficient, optimal and safe results.

HVAC Contractor

Design Engineering

HVAC system design engineering for : 

  • Comfort Room
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Clean Room
  • Operating Room
  • Industries
HVAC Contractor


  • – Central Air Conditioning Equipment (Chiller, Air Handling Unit/Fan Coil Unit, Pumps & Cooling Tower)
  • – Electrical & Control
  • – Piping
  • Air Duct
HVAC Contractor

Service and Repair

  • Repair
  • Part Replacement
  • Annual Shutdown
  • Overhaul HVAC Equipment (Chiller, Air Handling Unit/Fan Coil Unit, Pumps & Cooling Tower)
HVAC Contractor

Service and Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Daily, Monthly, Yearly (Cleaning, Inspection, Testing, Measurement, Adjusment, and Assesment)

Spare Parts

  • Compressor Parts
  • Coil Condensers
  • Controller, Electrical Parts, Valves, Sensors
  • Filters
  • Refrigerations
HVAC Contractor

Spare Parts Cooling Tower

  • Honey Comb Filling (uPVC)
  • Inlet Lauver (uPVC)
  • Fan Chasing (FRP)
  • Elbow / Straight Duct (FRP)
  • Basin Cover (FRP)
  • Upper & Lower Basin (FRP)
  • Fan Blade (FRP/Alumunium)
  • Fan Shaft (HDGS & SUS304)
  • Pulley Fan (Cast Iron)
  • Fan Hub (Alumunium)
  • Structure & Frame (HDGS
  • dll


  • Chemical Treatment Cooling Water
  • Vacuum Lumpur Lower Basin
  • Maintain Cleanliness
  • TDS & PH Control
  • Water Analisys
  • Water Treatment Plan for Utility