HVAC installation service works based on the type of HVAC air conditioners. Each air conditioner often has different parts. Indeed, the way to install the units is also different.

Check the type of your air conditioner below to get the best one. At least you know the type if the technician from the HVAC service asks you this simple question.

Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner is suitable for those who want to cool several rooms at once. It uses a split system to regulate air through a ducted system. The manufacturers also use refrigerants to remove heat from the indoor area.

The idea is to pull the heat out and bring the cool air through the ducts. Some central air conditioners are compatible with programmable thermostats. As a result, you will have a smart air conditioner at home.

Imagine if you had to install this tool by yourself. The process takes time and energy. Plus, you may do something wrong during the process that can damage the AC unit. It is a reason to call an HVAC AC installation service.

Ductless Mini-Split

This air conditioner uses an outdoor compressor unit and a condenser, along with one or more indoor units. You have to mount the units on the wall and support them with air blowers. The good thing about this unit is that you can use the energy efficiently.

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This AC unit often comes with a remote control since you have to mount it on the wall. Nowadays, you can even find a ductless mini-split with a smart AC controller. You can control this AC by using a phone anywhere and anytime you want.

Users can control the temperature of each room separately. You may ask the HVAC installation service first about it to get the right one. That’s why you must know the types of HVAC units.

Window Air Conditioner

The window air conditioner comes in several sizes. An HVAC air conditioning installation service often asks whether you want to use the unit to cool a single room or several rooms. A large window air conditioner can cool a small open space area.

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They will recommend you to take window AC if you only want to cool a single room. Like the name, users have to install this air conditioner in a window. It is okay if you want to install it on the wall, but you have to make a hole first. This air conditioner may be easy to install but a first-time owner may need an HVAC installation service to do it.