TRASFELLO.COM – Using services from the HVAC contractors to choose the HVAC system for your building is a smart idea. HVAC systems in a building contribute a big impact on air quality. It might cost significantly compared to other investments in your home or office, but it keeps the people inside the building comfortable from time to time.

Inspect the ductwork

 Hiring an HVAC contractor is not just about doing maintenance, installing, or replacing. You can ask the professional to choose the right HVAC system for the building.

Other than purchasing the right equipment, it is essential to inspect the ductwork. While this job is not efficient to be done by the homeowner, hiring a professional is a cost-effective decision.

For instance, our technicians will check instead there are breakages or poorly sealed joints. Those issues may decrease the system efficiency up to 30 percent. Before installing a new one, the technician will insulate the duct properly and clean what’s needed to improve the system’s efficiency.

Choose a furnace

 A furnace or heating system is also another essential item when it comes to the HVAC system. The HVAC contractors will help to find a proper one that boosts an energy-efficient system, which may save you up to 20 percent in the energy bill. There are three basic air handlers.

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Single-state air handlers are commonly used in older heating systems that only run one-speed settings. Two-stage air handlers come with two settings that allow energy saving. On the other hand, variable speed air handlers allow users to run at varying speeds. HVAC professionals will calculate the building’s needs to allow optimal operations.

Buy air conditioner

 Buying air conditioners also requires thorough consideration. The unit maintains the temperature inside your house as well as its air quality. Air conditioners come with a SEER rating. Higher numbers mean better efficiency.

In case you are looking for a good one, choose a unit that comes with a 16 SEER rating. Older models tend to produce louder noise, so you need to ensure you choose the right one. Air conditioners that come with an evaporator coil made of aluminum increase durability and keep corrosion at bay.


 More than anything, choosing the right HVAC system for residential or commercial buildings is not an easy task. It takes a long list of considerations that take much of your time. It is highly recommended to hire the HVAC contractors and get the job done.