3 Types of Serious Air Conditioner Problems that Need Emergency HVAC Service

HVAC Service
Emergency HVAC Service

Some HVAC repair companies offer an emergency HVAC service. It means that the HVAC service is ready to handle units 24/7. They will come to you once you call them. Then, the technicians find the best solution to solve the problem right away.

They may even fix the problem on the same day. On the other hand, you have to know the types of HVAC problems that are considered emergencies before calling a 24/7 emergency HVAC service.

The Unit Stops Working without Any Specific Cause

Have you ever used an AC and it suddenly stopped working without any specific cause? It can be that there is something wrong with the circuit breaker or thermostat. The longer you let the problem go, the more uncomfortable the condition due to the hot temperatures.

At the same time, no one at home can repair this problem. This condition is classified as an emergency. You have to find an HVAC repair company that supports its customers with emergency repair service.

The Air Conditioner Produces Water

There is a case where you see water run out from the air conditioner. It often happens because of ice formation on the coils or clogged condensate drain. Imagine if you don’t repair this problem immediately. There will be a flood in the house. Plus, you still have to deal with the excess moisture that attracts pests or mold to grow.

The pests and mold even come within 24 hours. Indeed, you have to call an emergency HVAC service. This problem will damage everything whether your property and your air conditioner. The repair cost is expensive.

The worse risk is that you also have to replace the system. Use emergency HVAC service near me as a keyword when you find it online. It helps you to get the right service right away.

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The AC Tripping the Breaker

Your air conditioner may cause a problem with the breaker. This problem produces a burning electrical smell. The lights in your home start to dim after you smell it. It means there is an electrical problem with your air conditioner.

The HVAC electrical problem is a serious problem. You are not allowed to repair it by yourself because it is dangerous. This electrical problem can even trigger a fire.

Instead of checking or repairing the unit by yourself, call a reputable emergency HVAC service. The expert technicians will do the process based on the safety standards. They know what to do to handle this problem and get the condition back to normal.

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