The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right HVAC Filter

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Why is it essential to choose the right HVAC system?

More than anything, we live together with mold, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne pollutants. Choosing the right filter ensures excellent air quality in your home.

Reusable or disposable?

Most air filters for HVAC are disposable, but you can rely on reusable ones as long as you wash them thoroughly. However, washable units tend to come with a hefty price tag. Still, it is a good investment, considering you will use it in the long run.

Even though a washable air filter reduces waste, you need to clean the entire thing monthly. Of course, you can call the HVAC contractor in case you need to run maintenance – the team will also clean your air filter. However, if you live with asthma or allergy, using disposable filters is the best practice.

The size

Just like buying any other thing, air filters have sizes. You should choose the right size for the system or the entire thing is dysfunctional. Most air conditioners need a one-inch-thick air filter, but some other types may work with a specific thickness as well. If you are not sure what to buy, please call HVAC contractor Bandung.

The dimension of the air filter should also be compatible with the system. Most units work fine with standard sizes, but your unit might not one of them. Thus, ensuring what system you have as well as its requirements are essential.

MERV rating

MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value is another essential thing to check out. Every air filter comes with a MERV rating which tells the effectiveness of the unit. Lower numbers indicate less effective and higher numbers give you better effectiveness.

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Choosing the highest MERV rating is not a wise move, after all. Generally, a residential HVAC system works with air filters with ratings between 7 and 12. The numbers work excellently to trap air pollutants at home.

Meanwhile, 13 to 16 MERV ratings indicate highly effective work to remove contaminants. However, it forces your air conditioner to overwork. Choosing the right MERV is also crucial. Thus, our team from HVAC contractor Bandung is happy to serve.

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